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  • Suicide Prevention: Listen for the Heartbeats!!

    Too often we hear the voice of the stricken mom cry out, "I did not know", "My baby never said anything?"  Our hearts weep for the mother, father, and families impacted by suicide. We are all touch by this tragedy in some form or another. We pray and ask God for understanding but sometimes it still does not make any sense. Children are suppose to grow up and live "their best life!"  But too often in our communities we are hearing about children taking their lives at an alarming rate. We ask questions and we find out that, "she was sad and did not have any interest doing things she once enjoyed." Or we hear, "he was bullied by some of his classmates and they all stood around and watched and said nothing." I  don't know the answer but I know it is going to take all of us to stand up and unite to save our children. We can do this!